Urban Development

After the Liberia war that “spilled over” into Republic of Guinea, the region (prefecture) of Guéckédou was devastated and needed to be rebuilt – this project of reconstruction was under the authority of the Ministry of Urban Development Plan and Housing.

It was a complex project with the Ministry of Urban Development Plan and Housing, consisting of a reconstruction of the greater part of the city, including the city hall, schools, hospitals, housing, and the rehabilitation and extension of the electric power system network.

SOGEA was mandated to do the studies, plans and designs, of the city.

A turnkey compound project consisting of several components:

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  • Rehabilitation and expansion of power distribution – replacing 240 kW generators by 400 kW ones.
  • Reconstruction of the electric system network by using a three-phase 20 kV for the medium voltage and a three-phase 220/380 V for low voltage
  • Construction of 0.4/20 kV station and 500 kVA

Water supply: Studies of 50 water pumping stations and construction of water tanks for water consumption of the population of the city.

Roads: Studies to rebuild heavily damaged part of the trunk road 2, primary road Sokoro and Solondoni, and the secondary roads other roads to and out the new housing location.

Urban development: Studies of urban development plan and architectural design for the 21 boroughs which included:  houses, schools, hospital and health center, market place with roads, railways (with projection for airway landing), and storage station.

Financing: Government and International Financial institutions.

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