Project Management

Procurement, Urban Development, Capacity Building and Management

SOGEA Internationale was awarded a project for Institutional Support and Management in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.  The project had multiple components that enabled SOGEA to combine its expertise in various areas. The project consisted of: supplying manpower, training program, supplying and installing a computer system network, architectural design, construction and supervision of a nine prefabricated villa compound.

The sectors covered in this project included:

  • Procurement of information technology system : providing computers and their installation throughout the Ministry.
  • Urban development: building on a given plot a new compound of nine prefabricated villas. SOGEA produced the urban development plan, the architectural design of all units, and supervised the construction and the realisation of the compound.
  • Capacity building : supplying skilled economists, engineers, statisticians, and information technology specialist to support the Ministry of Planning.
  • Training program: The training program consisted of training teams of selected level of public servants to use and maintain a newly installed computer system network. This was initiated on site as well as abroad.

Financing: African Development Bank (ADB)

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